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Artist Statement

I use my performing body as raw material to form experiences, installations, performances, sounds, and images. I treat my voice as an extension of my body and incorporate experimental vocal approaches and compositions into much of my work. I often merge my body and voice with various electronic processes allowing new methodologies to manifest through improvisation and experimentation.


I’m fascinated by human perception. I remain a constant student of how we interact with, and are affected by the world around us, and one another. My work explores issues of language and communication, human interaction with technology and the environment, womanhood, femininity, aging, and identity.


I’m interested in disruption and transformation and have developed and use disruptive, transformative processes to explore liminal moments and psychic spaces when one thing becomes another; a face becomes an abstract form; a voice becomes an unrecognizable sound; a sound becomes an image; a word is stripped of meaning. This approach and these processes serve as a reminder of the fragility inherent in perceived realities, and the possibility for change in myself, and the world.


Tara Gladden is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator. Her artistic practice includes conceptual, multimedia, audiovisual, and performance strategies.  She works both independently and in close collaboration with her artistic partner and husband, David Gladden. Their work has been programmed and exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in festivals, private and non-profit galleries, established and DIY performance venues. She holds an MFA from Brooklyn College in Performance and Interactive Media Arts, and a BM from Boston University in Voice Performance.  


Tara is currently Director and Curator for Kohl Gallery at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. She began her curatorial activities in New York City, working with the NYC Anarchist Art Festival from 2009-2012. During this time, she established an ongoing relationship with historic anarchist theatre group, The Living Theatre and created Anarko Art Lab with David Gladden and Adriana Varella , a monthly, collaborative, interdisciplinary, experimental art happening held at The Living Theatre on Manhattan’s lower east side. In 2014, she began as Galleries Manager at Salisbury University where she was responsible for operations in one off campus, and 2 on campus galleries. During her tenure as Galleries Manager at SU, she curated and/or co-curated over 20 regional, national, and international exhibitions and events in all media across all three of SU’s Galleries, and in additional project spaces.


In 2012 for John Cage’s 100th birthday, she co-founded John Cage Memorial Park and Chance House Artist Residency with David Gladden on 4 ½ acres of land in the remote Chesapeake Bay fishing village of Chance, MD. From 2012-2018 she was a co-founder, co-curator, and collective member of W.O.R.K., a community art space devoted to adventurous art and music happenings on Salisbury MD’s downtown plaza.  


Tara has been teaching in higher ed since 2011. Over the years, she has developed courses and workshops in Voice & Music Technology, Social Practice, Art and Community, Multimedia, Lens-based and Audiovisual Practices. 

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