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Moving Between is a site-specific, participatory performance that re-contextualized the alleyway leading to Studio 1469 off of 15th Street NW, between Harvard Street and Columbia Road in Washington DC, as a transformational zone; a rite of passage; a threshold which offered an adjustment period for visitors to awaken their senses and transition into a meditative state of hyper-awareness after their commute, and before entering our exhibition, Electronic Meditations. The performance included 12 performers: Heather Harvey, Julie Wills, Mehves Lelic, Christy Cox, Eric Shuster, Niamh Shortt, Maya Sun, Kaitie Mcshyan, Lisa Garfiled and daughter Sadie, David Gladden, myself. Visitors were invited to either observe the action, or participate. From 15th Street to the entrance of the exhibition at 1469 Harvard Street, visitors moved through or actively participated in a performance action modeled after a walking meditation.

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